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Kayaking Along the Mae Tang River

Chiang Mai : Kayaking at Mae Tang River covers a route of 17 – 20 Km.

Activities by : NG RIVER GUIDE

Activity Information :

Kayaking at Mae Tang River covers a route of 17 – 20 Km from Pa Khoahlam village, Kuet Chang, Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. The first stretch of the trip is in a slower moving part of the river, so everyone can enjoy the scenery and wildlife on both sides of the river. There are two rest stops on the journey. At the first stoplunch is served and there is an opportunity to visit the famous Scalp cave. The second stop visits a hill tribe village of the famous Karen people. It is possible to stay overnight as an option in homestay accommodation. The third section of the trip is kayaking on both easy and more rapid stretches. Help is provided to experience this until final destination. One Day Trip will be around 7 to 8 hours depending on the experience of kayaker.

This program is for those who like the excitement, who don’t mind to get wet and enjoy being on water. This tour is organized by ng-river-guides – people who have a lot of experience of kayaking on Mae Taeng river and this is our experience with them.

We were picked up at 9am by 4WD truck at our hotel and taken 1hour north of Chiang Mai where we met the owner and the instructors of ng-river-guides.com

Our first stop was not the starting point of the boat ride. We stopped at a coffee shop – “Pai Doi” where we could refresh, prepare for getting on boats and change the transportation to get to our final destination. Our biggest concerns were how to protect our cameras, phones and other equipment of getting wet. Luckily the staff there had given us waterproof bags and they also offer us lockers at the Pai Doi coffee shop where you can leave unnecessary stuff.  

Kayaking Chiangmai

The final leg of our transportation to the starting point was covered by a truck through some very exciting dirt road. That was an adventure on its own.

Here we go! This is where the real adventure starts. The staff helped us to deploy the boats in the river and showed us all the safety and paddling bits and tricks. We put on our life jackets, all the safety gear and applied necessary sunscreen!

It’s a 17 kilometers long stretch of water we had to cover going downstream. The first part is very easy. It gives us the time to get used to movement of the boat and to figure out how to balance ourselves to feel comfortable and safe. We just cruise along effortlessly and enjoy the scenery.

Have way down the stream we stop for a bit of picnic – Thai style. Classic signature Thai dish wrapped in banana leaf. Talking about eco consciousness! Sticky rice, boiled eggs, pork fried with garlic, enough energy to finish the course.

After refuelling, continue with our adventure – kayaking with scenic views on both sides. You can always stop to take some unique photos. This high up in the mountains, the water is so clear that you can watch the fish swimming just next to you.

The second stop is at a Karen Village. Here we make a break for the ones who opt for Full Day Trip, but for those who want to spend a night here, a home-stay is available. There are no roads in this village. It can only be reached by foot or by boat.

Now we come to the most challenging part – the rapids. It looks a bit intimidating but it is not as dangerous as you might think because there are staff waiting to help at each point.

WOW, that was fun! It is very unique way to experience the rainforests of Northern Thailand. Not to mention the thrills and adrenalin that you go through during the course. The level of physical activities basically depend on your own pace and the individual boundaries that you want to push. You can go soft or you can go hard, but you always feel safe and looked after.

Duration :

  • Full Day Join Trip
  • Starting 9.00 AM and returning to the hotel at 7.00 PM

Itinerary :

10.0 hours total

09:00 a.m.

Pick up the customers at the hotel / accommodation. Travel to Mae Taeng district. It takes about 1 hour.

10:00 a.m.

Arrive to Mae Taeng River. The guide and the team introduction and demonstration how to paddle in a kayak.

10:30 a.m.

Start kayaking down the river Mae Taeng. The distance is about 17-20 kilometers.

12:00 p.m.

Lunch break

01:00 p.m.

Continue kayaking in the afternoon.

07:00 p.m.

Getting back to your hotel in down town Chiang Mai.

Included :

  • Transfer Service in Chiang Mai Town
  • Buffet lunch
  • Drinking water, fruit, tea, coffee
  • Licensed tour guide
  • Accident insurance
  • Kayaking equipment 
  • Life jacket

Remark : This tour is suitable for people 15 - 60 years of age.

About Location :

About Activities Host :

Skilled Thailand fishing guides are few and far between. Peerawat Kaotakul ( Bobby ) owns the local shop and knows what hot and what’s not when it comes to fly fishing spot. During 2015, NG River Guides received the national “Outstanding Performance for Inbound Tour Program” award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. NG River Guides is a respect, award-wining tour operator. Bobby has served on the local town council, managing the tourism portfolio. Bobby also has a fleet of feel free kayaks and can plan a day kayaking on a river for you and your friends.