Maeping River Trip

Chiang Mai : Maeping River trip by boat along Ping river

Activity Information :

Leave from the jetty at Wat Chai Mongkol and travel north out of the city. The river soon shows its true rural identity as city bridges pass from view and are replaced by scenes of wide water stretching from green tree lined bank to bank , Kids play, daring each other to swing through an old motor Tyre and plunge into the cool river below, Smiles ,Yells. And the boat chugs on to reach its destination point the “Thai Farmer’s House”. Agriculture remains Thailand’s largest source of income and here the visitor can discover the basic elements-rice, local herbs, fruits, fishing-all thriving in a chemical-free environment.

Sit down and relax over a fresh fruit or herb juice, together with a plate of newly prepared mixed fruit, which is included in the price of your two-hour excursion. But you may also wish to experience the signature dish of this part of the world, “Khao Soi” Here at “Thai Farmer’s house” the dish is prepared to a very special recipe which brings out the unique flavour of the mild, creamy curry soup. A well chosen selection of side dishes accompany the main ingredients of the meal. Cups of freshly brewed local coffee and other beverages are also available.

Boat departs every hour 9.00am.-5.00pm.




Duration :

  • Running Schedule: Daily trips
  • Type: Joint Trip
  • Duration:  Half day Trip  ( Boat departs every hour 9.00am.-5.00pm. )


Included :

  • Roundtrip transportation from your hotels
  • One meal ( Khao soi )
  • Water

Remark : For pick up time 16.00 and 17.00 not include transportation back to hotel.