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Making Merit at 9 Chiang Mai Temples

Chiang Mai : Visiting 9 temples in the down town Chiang Mai

Activities by : Red Car Chiangmai

Activity Information :

Visiting nine most important temples in Chiang Mai with a full day tour and learning about the Thai culture and traditions from the locals

Chiang Mai is the province with the greatest number of Buddhist temples in Thailand. This program introduces you to 9 top temples in the city of Chiang Mai that are regarded as very auspicious to someone’s life.

We start at Wat Phra Singh, where we are taken by a red cab (songthaew). We start at 9:09 – that’s right 9:09! This number is considered a lucky number in Thai culture and it might bring you a good fortune. This temple is also the annual temple of the Dragon, which means that is celebrates the years of the Dragon and it should be visited by anyone who reveres that Chinese star sign. So, don’t be surprised to see a lot of Chinese tourist paying homage there. Some of the building at this temple are classic examples of Lanna architecture, so don’t be shy to have a walk around the temples ground and explore.

We continue on to Wat Chedi Luang Woramahawihan. This temple is in the heart of Chiang Mai. Traveling to each temple will not take long. Because the temples are not far away. Wat Chedi Luang is free of charge by Thai people, but the foreigners are charged 40 baht per person. We head to the landmark of the temple – The Chedi Luang. The large pagoda. There are sculptures of elephants all around the pagoda – protecting it. It has a very unique architecture. We will walk around a lot, have a look around the temple and the collection of Buddha statues . We will also visit another temple next door. This temple is actually a monastery. It features very beautiful garden and a pagoda built of sand surrounded by bamboo weave. During the walk we will find a Buddha image enshrined in a central enclave surrounded by water. Then go to the next temple.

We arrive at Wat Chiangmai, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai.  This temple is very popular because of the temple’s name. In the early spring, the flowers at the temple are very beautiful. Don’t forget to bring a camera and take a picture! After that, we go to the Temple of the Old World, another monastery. The temple is over 500 years old and it has been severely damaged. It was rebuilt and restored in the style of beautiful Lanna art. This temple is believed to be blessed with love due to the presence of a statue of Princess Jiraprapha Mahe.

Time flies when you are having a good time. The stomach is getting hungry. We stopped for a lunch at the Three Kings Monument. This area has many restaurants and dessert shops to choose from. We spend there about 1 hour, and then we are ready to go to Wat Ku Tao. The temple was built to enshrine the remains of the first Burmese ruler of Lanna Kingdom. The big pagoda definitely looks different than the others in Chiang Mai. Find out why.

Going to Wat Chedi Yot, this temple is famous for its Seven Stupas. This is another important and very old archaeological site. In front of the pagoda there will be flowers, incense, candles and vegetable oil used to fill the oil lamps. Walking into the temple, you will see the arch of the entrance to the temple which is the pinnacle of Lanna art. The exterior of the temple features 70, plaster reliefs of Thewada, divine beings, the faces of whom have allegedly been modelled after relatives of King Tilokarat who founded this temple.

Let’s go to one of the most famous temple in Chiang Mai

Wat Bopparam. The highlight of this temple is The Monastery of the Mummies, which is very well known to Chinese tourists, because it was featured in a Chinese movie “Lost in Thailand”. It is also well known for its distinctive Burmese style pagoda.

Take the car to Wat Srisuphan  aka

Wat Wua Lai. It’s a temple famous for making silverware. It’s a place that combines local wisdom with Buddhism. Because there are signs prohibiting women into the temple we have to observe it from outside. On the walls of the temple we can see Ganesh images done in genuine silver.

It’s time to visit the last temple on our list

Wat Umong – or literally translated to English: The Tunnel Temple. This temple has a small tunnel network under a big stupa. Inside the tunnels, there a few statues of Buddha that people come to pay their respects.The temple ground is located in a scenic forest littered with religious statues and sculptures. It is very secludes and shaded and it is the perfect place to cool down and relax after the long day. We finish our program here somewhere between 15:00-16:30 hours, depending on our own pace of exploring these temples.

After visiting 9 most important temples in Chiang Mai it is time to head back to your hotels and say good bye to our local guides and get ready for the next adventure.

Duration :

  • Full day
  • Private Trip
  • Start: 9.09 a.m. - Getting back to your hotel  4.30 p.m.
  1. Wat Phra Singh
  2. Wat Chedi Luang Woramahawihan
  3. Wat Chiangman
  4. Wat Lokmolee
  5. Wat Ku Tao
  6. Wat Chedi
  7. Wat Bopparam
  8. Wat Si Suphan
  9. Wat Umong

Itinerary :

6.85 hours total

09:09 a.m.

Pick up from your hotel

09:30 a.m.

Wat Phra Singh

10:00 a.m.

Wat Chedi Luang

10:30 a.m.

Wat Chiangman

11:00 a.m.

Wat Lokmolee

11:30 a.m.


12:30 p.m.

Wat Kuo Tao

01:00 p.m.

Wat Chedi

01:30 p.m.

Wat Bopparam

02:30 p.m.

Wat Si Suphan

03:00 p.m.

Wat Umong

04:00 p.m.

Drop off at your hotel

Included :

  • Red minibus transfer service in downtown Chiang Mai.
  • Shared tour for 9 people.

Remark : This tour is suitable for all ages

About Activities Host :

This programs serve by expert local driver with red car Chiang Mai | Red Cab driver for 4 years Hello, my name is Top from Chiang Mai, I started driving songthaew because my daddy had been driving for as long as I can remember . After graduating from military school, I wanted to find a job that gave me freedom, I did not want to work in an office. I like travelling, exploring, feeling happy driving. So, I decided to follow my father’s steps.