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Tham Lod Cave: Into the Unknown

Mae Hong Son : Enjoy a day of natural exploration in Pai, visiting stunning caves, clear water springs, awe-inspiring viewpoints followed by sunset at the Pai Canyon.

Activities by : Pai Let go Tour

Activity Information :

  • Tham Lod Cave System (3 Caves)
  • Sai Ngam Hot spring
  • Kiu Lom Viewpoint
  • Mor Pang Waterfall
  • Pai Canyon

Tham Lod is not only the name of a local cave in Mae Hong Son, but also a village and a sub-district. The cave system is made up of three main caves with the Nam Lang River flowing through the cave, which is home to hundreds and thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. Bats and swifts set up home inside the caves and for centuries the caves have been an important community centre - archaeologists have even discovered ancient teak wood coffins made by the Lawa tribes who lived in the area over one thousand years ago. 

Tham Lod Cave System (3 Caves)
Lod cave

The three caves of this visit are all unique and each their own natural wonder. The Royal Stone Pillar Cave is found just 300 metres inside the main cave entrance, and is full of glittering stalactites and stalagmites. The name of this cave comes from the massive column in the middle that towers from floor to ceiling. The Doll Cave is a bit further in still, and was named after the strange rock formations that look like dolls across the floor; there are also prehistoric cave paintings that can still be seen. The deepest of all the caves within the Tham Lod Cave system is the Cave of Ghosts - ancient relics of our past have been found in this cave, from anceint pottery, skeletons and early human tools. Believed to be a burial site, the cave was named after the hundreds, maybe thousands of ghosts that are said to still live there to this day. 

Sai Ngam Hot spring
Sai Ngam Hot spring

Located just outside the town of Pai, Mae Hong Son, this hot spring is famed for its crystal clear waters that shimmer with a hue of emerald green.

Kiu Lom Viewpoint
Kiu lom view point

This spot is a beautiful scenic spot on the tour, where you can take a minute to absorb the beauty of the massive mountain ranges that surround the area. About 20km from Pai, the veiews are spectacular year round. There are also shops, cafes, restaurants, folk music and even a hand powered ferris wheel!  

Mor pang waterfall
Mor pang waterfall

This waterfall is a must see for anyone in the area. Made up of three tiers, it towers over 15 metres in total and flows all year round. Visitors can swim, play, picnic and take short walks around the area - during the monsoon season when the water levels are higher, locals like to call it a white curtain in the middle of the forest. 

Pai Canyon (Sunset)
Pai Canyon

At the end of the day, where better to stop off to see the amazing sunset than the Pai Canyon. The mornings are known for great vies of low lying mist over the land below, and the nights are famed for the stunning sunset views. A perfect way to sign off on a day of amazing natural exploration. 

Duration :

  • Place: Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province
  • Running Schedule: Daily trips
  • Duration: Full day trip 
  • Type: Joint Trip
  • Departure Point: Free transportation Pick up 10.00am -  Finish 6.30pm

Itinerary :

8.5 hours total

10:00 a.m.

Pick up at meeting point in Pai, Visit Lod cave (3 Cave), Sai Ngam Hot spring, Kiu lom view point

12:00 p.m.

Lunch, Mor pang waterfall, Pai Canyon (SunSet)

06:30 p.m.

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Included :

  • Transportation
  • Lunch

Not Included 

  • Personal spending money, including tips

Remark : This program is suitable for all ages In the case of a minimum of 4 guests can set a date yourself. In the case of less than 4 guests, please inquire before booking to see which days we are running.

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