Tripzii thank you for your payment. To confirm payment, we request to take a photo of your slip or capture the screen.

  1. Send the photo to line id: @tripzii
  2. Inbox Facebook Tripzii
  3. Send Message 064-961-5978

*You can inquire with 24/7 customer service at 064-961-5978.

What happens when you book and pay?

  • Your reservation will be confirmed immediately.
  • You will receive email with the trip number to confirm that the reservation was successful.
  • After reviewing the payment successfully. You will receive an email to confirm that the booking is complete.
  • Show number of the trip to confirm with the driver, enjoy your trip.

Tour number and the time of the tour

Please refer to the email for the details of your booking:

  • Trip programs and package reservations.
  • The number of the trip booked.
  • Time of the trip booked.

More info: