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Wheel Throwing Pottery Course 6 Days

Chiang Mai : Wheel Throwing Pottery Course 6 Days

Activities by : Slow Hands Studio

Activity Information :

Slow Hands Studio is an art studio where you can learn and practice pottery and drawings. It is a fully equipped ceramics studio with an open shed workshop, gallery and a huge garden. It is located in Soi Wat U-mong, a street which is very popular among Chiang Mai art community and art students.

Days :   4,900 Baht / person

Duration :

  • Join Trip
  • 6 days course ( 4 hours per day )

We encourage people to use art to express themselves and to explore their own individuality and confidence. At our clay modelling course you may learn sculpting and hand building skills working with different types of clay.

We have an extensive  experience in ceramics and illustrations. That is why we choose those techniques to teach and to share what we do and what we  love to do.

Itinerary :

4.0 hours total

09:00 a.m.

We start our activities by preparing the clay and learning about different types of clay. It is essential to have have our working material free of any debris or air pocket. Next activity is the most exciting and the most challenging – trowing clay on the potter’s wheel. We use professional electric potter’s wheels which allows you the best control of the pottery making process. If you opt for longer course you will learn another important techniques for pottery : glazing and firing of ceramics.

01:00 p.m.


Included :

  • Equipment for each course.
  • Raw materials are available for all participants.
  • You can take your finish product with you or we can post it for you.

Remark : Soi Wat Umong – at the back of Chiang Mai University. The studio is located in a very green environment and the workshop itself is surrounded by banana trees and vegetation. You will have to provide your own transportation – we suggest Uber or Grab.

About Location :

About Activities Host :

The studio is founded by two local artists Mr. Jern (Kritchnun Srirakit) and Ms. Ting Chu , who are well known on Thailand’s and Chiang Mai’s art scene.